Current projects

Group exhibition, June 13 – August 30 2020
Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, Norway

Y-blokka. Photo credits: Teigens Fotoatelier
2020, Ongoing
A Call for Boycott as an Invisible Memorial
With Hanan Benammar, Maria Sundby and others
Norwegian Government Buildings Complex, Oslo

Public art project, upcoming fall 2020
Båret av vinden – ført av strømmen, concept proposal
Otta, Sel kommune, Norway (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Viel Bjerkeset Andersen
Work in progress



Teaching/workshop, April 13-18 2020
Novia University, Jakobstad, Finland

Exhibition opening talk with Susanne K. Mader
and Kjell Varvin, February 26 2020
Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, Norway

Panel debate, February 13 2020
Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, Norway

Teaching/lecture, January 29 2020 (with Marius Dahl)
KHIO, Oslo, Norway

Lecture/seminar, January 25 2020
Norwegian Crafts, Oslo, Norway

Lecture/seminar, January 21 2020
Kjølnesbadet, Porsgrunn

Interview, Klassekampen, January 4 2020
Torbjørn Tumyr Nilsen “Maner til kunstnerboikott”, Klassekampen, Oslo

Competition, December 2019
Concept for the usage of the 1200 square meter top floor
Working title: The Beacon (in collaboration with Hanna Bo Doksrød)
BG14B by Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter, C. F. Møller Arkitekter and Rodeo Arkitekter, KLP, Oslo

TV, NRK, November 18, 2019
Folkeopplysningen: KUNST

Group exhibition, Sept. 26-Nov. 24, 2019
Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT)
‘Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth’
Arkitekturmuseet, The National Museum, Oslo
+ public access to the park at Tåsenløkka, Oslo
In collaboration with Marius Dahl

Public art project, August 2019
Akkord, Bautaen Kulturhus (with Marius Dahl)
Børsa, Skaun kommune
Curator: Jorun Kraft Mo

Public art projects (indoors and outdoors), August 2019
Du sto og tegnet med skarpe riss
Nannestad ungdomsskole, Nannestad, Norway (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Anders Smebye

Exhibition, August 2019
Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (with Andreas Wahl)
QBG, Oslo

Public art projects, August 2019
Ydalir educational complex (with Marius Dahl)
Elverum, Norway
Curator: Kristin Sæterdal

Solo-exhibition, March 2019
Local Reference Frame (The Sentinel)
NoPlace, Oslo, Norway

Solo exhibition, January-March 2019
Galeria Presenca, Porto, Portugal

Public art project
February, 2019
Transformer, Nya Lingenässkolan, Kristianstad,
Sweden (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Elisabeth Fagerstedt

Public art project
November 2018
Mitt – ditt – alt – vårt, Kulturetaten, Oslo
kommune, Norway (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Kirsten Mørck

Group exhibition
September 7-30, 2018
Norsk minimalisme?
Blomqvist, Oslo
Curator: Erlend Hammer

Group exhibition
SUB,  opening August 17, 2018
Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, Norway
Curators: Monica Holmen and Bjørn Hatterud

Public art project
June, 2018
Stavernhallen, Stavern, Norway (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Hans Thorsen

Workshop and lectures, June 13-14, 2018
Connectorium, Tallinn, Estonia

Solo-exhibition, May 2018
An Expression of Nostalgia
QB Gallery, Oslo, Norway

Art fair, January 12-14, 2018
San Francisco, US
Prosjektrom Normanns, OCA

Group exhibition, October 28, 2017-January 13, 2018
La Mère, La Mer
The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco, US

Solo-exhibition, November-December 2017
Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, Norway
Curators: Rikke Komissar and Tor Arne Samuelsen

Group exhibition
September-December 2017
Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MOCAK), Krakow, Poland

Group exhibition
Got It for Cheap
October 2017
Rod Bianco, Oslo, Norway

Public art project (concept), September 2017
TBA, concept proposal, Otta, Sel kommune, Norway (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Viel Bjerkeset Andersen
Work in progress; digital visualization, rendering

Appointment: Board member, art committee
Ingerid, Synnøve og Elias Fegerstens stiftelse for norske bildende kunstnere, Oslo

Group exhibition, September 2017
Algeria (Extract of Perfumes),
Khartoum Contemporary, Oslo, Norway
Curator: Hanan Benammar
Photography, detail

Lecture, August 2017
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (SKA/KHIO)
With Kristian Øverland Dahl

Public art project, August 2017
Aileron + Camber, Hjalmar Johansen vgs.,
Skien, Norway (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Siri Sandersen
Digital visualizations, renderings

Christensen, Jan. “Publikum forventer at samtidskunst
lar seg forsvare umiddelbart”,, Oslo, 2017-07-10
Photo: Linda B

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Public art project, May 2017
Nye Frogner skole, Sørum (with Marius Dahl)
Curator: Jingxin Geng
Installation view

Artist talk, April 2017
Wenche Gulbransen and Jan Christensen: Kjell Varvin
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Photo: Linda B

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. Engelberth

Artist talk, March 2017
Kunstsnakk #7: Jan Christensen in conversation with Sabrina van der Ley
March 21, 2017
Mellomstasjonen/Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo
Photo: Erik Jacobsen

Public art project, February 2017
7041, Trondheim kommune (with Marius Dahl)
Curators: Anne Tove Huse, Sandra Norrbin
Installation view, detail